What’s more, working with GamRealty will make the process of acquiring your Gambia property carefree, hassle-free and risk free. So when you are looking at a house for sale we got you covered with the best customer service and helpful features to make the best buyer decisions possible!

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You found a house for sale in Gambia that you really like and your exited now it is important you have the right support during the buying process to prevent loss of time and money!

Buying a house or apartment in Gambia is rather straightforward and does not differ much from most other countries in Europe or US except for the types of paperwork and the time and way to gather the needed documents, stamps and permits.

GamRealty offers a number of (paid) quality services created for clients that can not present in The Gambia due to travel ban or clients that just want more detailed information about a phouse or plot of land they are interested in.

GamRealty is a leading real estate agency in The Gambia and provides you with a carefree buying experience.

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As one of Gambia’s leading real estate agencies, we’re passionate about helping people find their perfect homes or plot of land while ensuring a hassle free buying experience. 

In addition, we provide clients with an unparalleled online quality platform with top listings, unique buyer services and loads of useful information.

The same passion we offer to those who plan to sell their property and want a dedicated service, a top quality listing and a fair sales commission.

Our dedicated team of experienced sales agents are ready to assist you!

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Buying – Selling – Renting – Virtual Tours – Drone Videos – Technical Inspections – Conveyance – Project Marketing

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GamRealty operates under Dutch management and as such we act straight forward and to the point but always with our clients wishes at heart.

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